Installing Commercial Heating In Your Shop Or Warehouse Facility

18 July 2022
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Commercial heating contractors specialize in working with large spaces that need specific heating systems in them. The heating solution for large industrial spaces, large warehouses, or a large shop requires a different approach from offices or retail spaces, so working with a contractor that can help you determine what will work best makes the most sense. 

Heating Systems

There are several different heating systems available for commercial buildings, but when you need to heat an open space like a warehouse, you may need something designed to do that job. Open spaces are harder to heat evenly, so installing a system that spans the entire space to distribute the heat evenly is not uncommon. 

Gas heating systems that heat the air already in the space and then circulate it from the ceiling level are common in warehouse and manufacturing facilities because they are efficient and mount near the ceiling where they are out of the way. These systems are scalable so using them in different size buildings is possible, and adding additional heating to the space is often easier.

Similar to the gas-fired air systems, radiant heating systems work well in large spaces, but they heat the people and items in the building, which in turn heats the air. These heating systems also mount high in the rafters and point down at the production floor. When installed correctly, they work very well and eliminate the air blowing around that can cool the space and stir up dust when running.

Heating System Size

One of the first steps in setting up your heating system is determining how large it needs to be. Your commercial heating contractor can figure out the best heating system for the space once they have the square footage of the area requiring heating.

Heating systems are rated based on the amount of BTUs or British Thermal Units they produce, and there are some math equations that will allow the heating contractor to determine how many BTUs are required to heat your space. If the math is correct, the contractor can determine what is needed so you are not using a system that is wasting heat and money in your facility. 

Installing Your Heating System

Once the commercial heating contractor works out the system requirements for your building, they can begin to install it for you. In manufacturing and warehouse buildings, most work is done high overhead and can be accomplished quickly if the building is not in use. If you are already up and running in the facility, the contractor may need to work around your current operation, so it can take longer to get everything set up.

Office spaces, break rooms, and other non-production areas often require different systems or adaptions to heat those spaces, so ask your heating contractor about these areas if needed.  

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