Run A Welding Shop? 4 Tips To Ensure Employee Safety

5 December 2018
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If you run a welding shop, your employees look to you to set the safety standards. If you're not setting proper safety standards, the risk of on-the-job injuries increases significantly. The best way to prevent those on-the-job injuries is to initiate and enforce safety guidelines throughout the shop. Here are four steps you can take to create a safe work environment, and reduce on-the-job injuries. Ensure That Your Crew Reads Their Manuals Read More 

Think About Using Powder Coating For Your Classic Car

24 September 2018
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If you have spent the time working on a classic automobile, you want to make sure that it's protected as much as possible. There are a number of ways that you can take care of it and make sure that it's as protected as you would like. One of those ways is to get it powder coated instead of painted. While powder coating may not be the traditional way to finish off a classic car and you may get points taken off at a competition, if you are going to go out and do a lot of driving, you may want to consider it. Read More 

Making Sure The Water Coming Into Your Home Is Clean

14 August 2018
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If your water has an odd odor or strange color to it, you are not likely going to want to use it, much less drink it. There are things that you can do to clean up the water coming into your home, but before you do you need to understand what is causing the problem so it can be treated properly. There are several options for dealing with this problem: Read More 

Need to Do Sheet Metal Stamping? 3 Benefits of Hiring a Company to Do It For You

11 July 2018
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If you own your own company and need to do sheet metal stamping for your customers but have not done it before, you should consider not doing the stamping on your own. Instead, you should hire a metal services company to do all of this for you. To help you decide, below are three benefits of hiring this type of company. Save Money If you decide to do the metal stamping at your company then you will have to pay for machines, tools, and much more. Read More 

Swingin’ On The Old Front Gate: Accessories To Make This Old Pastime Possible Again

21 May 2018
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Remember when you were young and you loved to swing back and forth and around on the old front gate in front of your house or your grandparents' house? It was so simple an activity, but yet, oddly amusing and entertaining. Nowadays, you can hardly find front gates as it is, let alone any gate upon which you can swing. As an adult, you really would not want to anymore, but that does not mean that your kids or grandkids would not enjoy this pastime. Read More