Proper Refinery Turnaround Management Principles to Follow for Chemical Plants

14 March 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If your chemical plant is going through a refinery turnaround—where parts are being replaced and inspected—then you need to have sound management plans. Here are several that will keep you away from complications.

Look at Past Turnaround Cost Breakdowns

If this is not the first time your chemical plant has been through a refinery turnaround, then you are in luck because you should already have data on costs. You can use this information to better plan financially for this upcoming refinery turnaround, helping you stay on budget from beginning to end.

There probably will be variations with these past cost breakdowns because of things like inflation, but at least you'll have a more general idea of how much this turnaround is going to cost your plant. Then you can save accordingly well before any of your plant equipment is shipped off.

Carry Out Turnaround at the Right Intervals

A lot goes into refinery turnarounds for any type of plant system today. That includes a lot of resources like time, money, and labor. This means you only want to carry out this turnaround when it's absolutely necessary. That will depend on the type of equipment your chemical plant relies on.

You need to study this system's makeup and vulnerabilities to wear and tear because then, you can schedule a refinery turnaround at the right intervals and subsequently avoid wasted resources. Consultants are available too if you need help deciding when to carry out this turnaround.

Organize the Right Team of Professionals

A chemical plant involves a lot of parts and systems and that means there will be a lot of professionals dealing with them during a refinery turnaround. It's important that you organize the right team of professionals from the beginning so that each stage happens correctly at the right intervals.

You might need to hire professionals like plant engineers, transportation experts, and material handling specialists. Make sure each one of these professionals is well-versed in these turnarounds and has hands-on experience with the equipment that your chemical plant involves. Then this turnaround will have more opportunities to succeed.

If you're getting ready to carry out refinery turnaround management for a chemical plant, ample planning will be crucial to how this entire process goes. Start as early as you can and focus on crucial details that you know for a fact will impact this turnaround. Do that and you'll be better off in the end.