Well Pump Getting Older? 3 Problems To Watch Out For

15 September 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have a well pump and it is getting older, it may start having problems. Knowing about some issues that can happen will help you get the well pump repaired. This is important because some problems will get much worse if they are not taken care of quickly. Keep reading so your well pump will last longer.

Problems With The Pressure Switch

One problem to watch out for is the pressure switch. The pressure switch is an important part of a well pump, as it starts or stops the water pump from pumping. This will affect the water pressure inside your home if the pressure switch cannot control the pressure well. The pump will also turn off and on throughout the day, which can cause problems with other parts. If the pressure switch is completely broken down, you will have no water in your home. Fortunately, a well pump repair contractor can replace a bad pressure switch.

Water Tastes Bad

If your water suddenly starts tasting bad, this can be due to many things. One common problem is an issue with the well pump. The water may also have a bad smell. A well can become contaminated over time. The contamination is caused by bacteria that can build up inside the well pump. Fortunately, this contamination is not typically harmful for you, but it can make it difficult to drink water. The pump may also contain decayed organic waste. If so, this comes from the soil that is above the well pump. The organic waste is generally not harmful, but it can be. A well pump repair contractor will have the water tested to determine what bacteria is in it. They will then clean the well pump for you to get your water back to tasting and smelling normally again. 

Water Sputters

If you turn on your water faucet and the water starts sputtering, this is caused by air that has built up inside the pump. This generally happens because the pump itself is malfunctioning, or there may be crack or a break in the water pipe that is located above the well pump. The well pump repair contractor must pull the pump out to determine if this is the problem and repair it. Expect to have a large vehicle come on your property to pull the pump out, especially if it is a large one. 

The well pump contractor can tell you about other problems you can have with an aging well pump.