Great Things About Engineered Wood

7 June 2021
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There are a lot of different types of engineered wood products and they make up some of the best construction materials. One popular example of an engineered wood product that is frequently used in construction projects is plywood. Plywood is engineered by gluing together thin plies of wood veneer with the grain of one rotating a specific number of degrees from the other. The cross-graining helps to add to its strength. Some other types of engineered wood that are often used in construction include oriented strand board, cross-laminated timber, and composite board. Here is more information on why engineered wood is better for construction and the manufacturing of many wood products: 

Engineered wood is strong and more resistant to damage from the elements

A big reason why engineered wood, such as plywood, is so good for construction products is that it is so durable and so resistant to damages that can happen due to things like exposure to heat and to moisture. Wood can warp, crack, shrink, and rot due to the heat and moisture that occurs regularly each year with varying weather conditions. However, when building a home or other building, these negative effects put the integrity of the entire structure at risk. Therefore, engineered wood is chosen to avoid those damages and to build sound structures that will last. Engineered wood is also used to create other things to ensure they last as long as possible. 

Engineered wood offers consistent dimensions 

When building a structure or a product, it is important to have total control over the dimensions of the wood that is being used. When building a structure, it is extremely important that the dimensions of each piece of wood are as exact as possible. If natural wood is used, then things like knots and other natural differences in the wood could get in the way of achieving those precise dimensions. With engineered wood, the dimensions can be replicated and that precision can be closely met. It's also important to achieve the proper dimensions when creating many other things, such as boats or dressers. 

Engineered wood can come in long and wide pieces

Another thing that can be important when building a home or commercial building is having access to longer and wider pieces of wood. This will allow for fewer pieces to be used which can save both time and money. It can also help when building some other things like boats, bridges, fences, and more. Engineered wood can be created in longer and wider pieces, providing the right dimensions that are more difficult to achieve with natural wood.

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