Think About Using Powder Coating For Your Classic Car

24 September 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have spent the time working on a classic automobile, you want to make sure that it's protected as much as possible. There are a number of ways that you can take care of it and make sure that it's as protected as you would like. One of those ways is to get it powder coated instead of painted. While powder coating may not be the traditional way to finish off a classic car and you may get points taken off at a competition, if you are going to go out and do a lot of driving, you may want to consider it. 

Powder Coating

Powder coating uses a special polymer that is applied electrostatically. That means that an electrical charge is run through the piece that is going to be coated. The piece has one charge while the coating has another, and that draws them together. Think of it as similar to your hair and a balloon. When there is a static electric charge on the balloon, it attracts your hair and your hair will stick to the balloon. That's the same basic way that powder coating works. Once the coating is on the piece, it may go through a kiln in order to make sure that it will stay on the piece and be nice and hard. There are a lot of reasons to choose to use powder coating on your classic vehicle. 

More Durable

Powder coating is more durable than paint is. It's harder to scratch off, so it protects the metal underneath it better than paint. If paint were to get scratched, then water can get in and under the paint, which will cause more paint to get peeled off, which will cause more water to get in under the paint, and so on and so forth. The coating is less likely to scratch in places where paint would, such as when the car gets bumped or dinged, so it will let you have a better looking car for longer. That durability will also let your car's body stay in good shape longer because that water can't get in and cause any rust to the body or chassis, which would cause damage to the car that you have spent so much time and money restoring. 

If you have a classic car, you want to make sure that you are protecting it as much as possible. Powder coating may be the right choice for you.