Sending Gifts To Your Important Clients This Year? How To Avoid Packaging Problems With The Shipments

15 November 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The holidays are coming. Now's the time to start thinking about your loyal clients, especially if they've got large contracts with you. Spending part of your advertising budget on holiday gifts for your clients is a great way to keep them happy, and let them know that they matter to you. However, the last thing you want to do is have problems with the packaging or the shipping. That's where the proper packaging comes in handy. Spending some extra time on your packaging can mean the difference between a happy client, and a dissatisfied one. Here are four simple steps you can take to make sure your clients are satisfied with their gifts.

Take Those Old Labels Off

If you've decided to save money by re-purposing old boxes, that's a great way to save money on your shipping costs. However, it's also a way to send the wrong message to your valued clients, especially if you leave the old shipping labels in place. Don't send the wrong message. Carefully remove the old shipping labels, or place the new ones directly on top of those old ones.

Think Inside the Box

If you want to make sure that your clients remember you throughout the year, make sure to think inside the box. Before you close up the box, toss in a couple of your business cards, or a personalized calendar. The added personalized touch will give them something to remember you with. Plus, it's great way to advertise to any of their clients who might be in need of your services.

Consider Nesting When Packing Fragile Items

If you're going to be sending fragile gifts to your clients, you don't want anything to get broken during shipping. Nesting is a great way to avoid that, especially when it comes to smaller items. Place your gift item in a box and fill it with foam packing peanuts. Place that box inside a slightly larger box and fill the spaces with additional foam packing peanuts. Your fragile item will safely encased in two layers of foam peanuts.

Don't Cut Corners on the Taping

If you want to ensure that your client gifts arrive safely, don't cut corners on the taping. First, use heavy-duty packing tape for your packages. Second, don't just use one strip of tape to seal the two flaps together. Instead, place a strip of tape down the center to secure the flap. Next, place a strip of tape down each side to secure the outer edges of the flaps. Your box will be securely taped.

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