The Best Types Of Cranes For Storage And Manufacturing

1 August 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


One of the must useful characteristics of a crane operating service is how it can be used for storage. There are some items that can be difficult to move by hand and a crane is safer, more effective and may be the only way to move certain items. There are several cranes that are useful for storage.

Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane system is one example of a system that can be useful when moving cargo within a storage facility. The crane travels on a rail system and allows for heavy objects to be carried across long spans. 44 tons of cargo can be transported. This can be useful when moving large shipping containers or when transporting heavy equipment. These cranes allow for better space utilization because cargo can be stacked much higher. In addition to being useful for storage, an overhead crane can be useful in an industrial and manufacturing facility when heavy equipment must be moved from one production area to another. Also, raw materials and newly finished goods can be moved from one part of the production facility to another.

Pallet Retrieval And Storage

Another great option is a pallet retrieval and storage crane. Palletized products can be moved more quickly than individual palletized cartons. Palletized products require less individual handling, which can reduce the risk of worker injury and product damage while also reducing labor costs. The pallet system also provides drainage and circulation, which can be better for the products involved. Cranes can allow for very heavy pallets to be stacked. Telescopic forks can make material handling much easier. Camera systems can be used to allow for more effective troubleshooting when problems arise when trying to move a pallet from one location to another or when the crane may be defective. 

Mobil Cranes

For storage systems, typically, it is more useful to use a stationary and fixed crane system in order to move cargo. However, if your crane needs are unpredictable, it may make more sense to rent a mobile crane for storage solutions.

Crane Operating Services

Crane operating services can be highly beneficial because they can ensure that you will always have cranes that are up and running. Cranes are often used for moving food products that were produced in remote locations and selecting reliable crane equipment is critical. However, when using a crane operating service, older crane systems can be replaced with new systems when needed.