Three Heating Tips For Business Leaders

18 April 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Keeping your enterprise warm during the long winters is something that will require a powerful heating system. Unfortunately, business leaders can make mistakes when it comes to optimizing their use of these systems, and this can lead to higher energy costs as well making the interior of your building less comfortable.

Prevent Employees From Modifying The Temperature

If your enterprise employees more than a few individuals, it is likely that it will be exceedingly difficult to balance the temperature so that everyone is perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately, some employees may take it upon themselves to adjust the temperature so that it is more to their liking. In addition to causing the energy expenses of your business to be higher, this can also lead to conflicts between your employees. To avoid this problem, you can install a lock on the thermostat. These locks have a glass or plastic case that goes over the thermostat, and the key will be needed to remove it.

Determine Whether You Need A Backup Heat Source

Depending on the location of your business, it may receive extremely harsh winters. When the temperature drops extremely low outside, it can be possible for a heating system to be overwhelmed, which could contribute to the temperature inside the building rapidly dropping. Luckily, a secondary source of heat, such as space heaters, can be an excellent way of overcoming this problem. By placing a couple of supplementary heaters around your enterprise, you will find that you can easily keep the interior temperature of your building within a comfortable zone.

Use A Zone Heating System

The building that holds your enterprise may be sectioned off into various rooms and areas. As a result, it is unlikely that all of these areas will need to be the same temperature. For example, it is likely that your storage areas could be considerably cooler than the rest of the business's interior without causing problems. By utilizing a zone heating system, you can take advantage of this fact to help lower your monthly heating expenses. With a zone heating system, there will be a thermostat located in each zone so that the exact temperature for that area can be set. Unfortunately, some leaders will not consider this option as they may believe that they will need to replace their entire heating and ducting system. However, it can be possible to modify an existing heating system to be compatible with a zoned configuration. An experienced commercial heating technician like Mercury Tec will be able to inspect your system so that you can know whether retrofitting it will be an option.